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The OboFit is extraordinary!

I have been consistently using the product for the last few weeks and I now do not want to play without it! I am sincerely experiencing all the benefits listed on the OboFit website. The product is unique, effective, and incredibly helpful. 

Andrés Mendoza, faculty member at Weimar University in California, VEN/USA

Most of my students I have spoken to find the Obofit very useful. In particular, I want to mention that one student who was really weak and had a terrible embouchure has improved quite spectacularly since she started using it. 

So thank you very much, we are very grateful.

Olivier Stankiewicz, principal oboe of the London Symphony Orchestra and Prof. at the Royal College of Music London, FRA/GBR

For oboists who tend to have a firm, powerful embouchure, the embouchure trainer makes a very good impression. It makes them loosen the embouchure and focus the air better.

Dominik Wollenweber, Berliner Philharmoniker, GER

Overall, I find the OboFit trainer extremely interesting! 

The playing feeling becomes healthier and the so to speak "bad habits" are confronted with new muscle impulses. Above all, I have noticed that the trainer has quite an effect on the airflow.

José Luis García Vegara, Principal Oboist of the hr-Sinfonieorchester, ESP

I have used the Obofit now for two weeks. It has helped me to strengthen my embouchure faster than usually! For now I can tell you that I’m really pleased with it!

The reason why I came across the Obofit is because a student of mine has had problems with his embouchure and I was looking for something to strengthen the ring muscles on his mouth. I talked to a bunch of people and my teacher Humbert Lucarelli is the one who suggested the Obofit.

Prof. Washington Barella, Berlin University of the Arts, BRA/GER

Once I had everything set up, I enjoyed working with the product. Nothing was particularly revelatory for me; however, it did open up a different kind of awareness for me as far as how I used my embouchure in relation to breath support. I had fun playing around with it. I realized I could make diminuendos with less involvement from the embouchure muscle, which is interesting to me. The angle and pressure of the reed against my lower lip became a little more obvious for me, as well. 

I have a young student who is struggling to understand how his face muscles should work with the reed. I let him work with the OboFit, and this is where I discovered the magic of this device. Using OboFit, for the first time he understood how he had been misusing his lips, and putting too much pressure on the blades of the reed with his embouchure. He instinctively was able to figure out how the air pressure needed to be used to support a quality tone, without overusing the muscles of the embouchure. Once he went back to playing without the OboFit, he was able to kinesthetically sense how to make more appropriate adjustments. I think this device really helped him find a path towards better tonal security.

Stephen Caplan, D.M.A.; Professor of Oboe, UNLV; Director, CFA Clinic for Health and Injury Prevention; Author: "Oboemotions", "The Breathing Book" ; USA

I am very happy with the Obofit, especially with the "student" model. I like to practice with it and enjoy that the air still flows even when I am already tired. Thank you!!!

The "original plus" model feels a little more uncomfortable to me, but may have a greater training effect.

Barbara Bode, Principal Oboist of the Bamberg Symphony Orchestra, GER

I am very pleased with the OboFit!

I practice with it most of the time and little by little I feel freer and comfortable to play. 

I am just happy with it! :-)

Kihoon Hong, Oboist in the Konzerthausorchester Berlin, KOR

I am finding the OboFit really useful for a number of things. Even to check if the reeds are really balanced.

Ricardo Lopes, Professor at the University of Music and Performing Arts in Porto and Principal Oboist of  the Portuguese Symphony Orchestra, PRT

I use OboFit every day and it works!!!!! 3 concerts in a row with a condition I have never had before. 

Thank you very much for your invention, it is helping me a lot.

Arnaldo de Felice, Professor at the Conservatorio "C. Monteverdi" in Bolzano, ITA

Dear Lukas, thank you for the delivery of the OboFit. I have been able to test the trainer thoroughly in the meantime and am thrilled. Completely different playing feel especially through the relief of the embouchure center; greater dynamics and more endurance. Excellent!

Ivan Danko, Principal Oboist of the State Orchestra Stuttgart, SVK

I can report that 3 students have benefited from OboFit from the first use (after adjustment). They themselves reported an easier playing feeling and also improved smoother sound. I was able to notice the latter immediately in lessons as well. 

Two of these students are so satisfied that they practice a large part of their exercise load with Obofit.  

One student reported perceptible improvements only after a few days, which I could also notice in class. However, these were not as obvious, but still helpful! 

With conviction I congratulate on the OboFit, which I will continue to recommend and use myself. 

I will order a few more OboFits so that other students can benefit from the intuitive embouchure improvement and embouchure training tool too.

Ralf-Jörn Köster; Nuremberg State Philharmonic Orchestra and Nuremberg University of Music, GER

Ingenious patent, exploitable according to personal needs. Useful both in personal study and in the orchestra (I use it when I have had little time to warm up beforehand). The wings can be adjusted according to one's setting, ensuring a healthy embouchure and correct emission.

Elisa Metus, primo oboe dell'Orchestra Sinfonica Siciliana, ITA

I wouldn't want to miss OboeFit any more!

OboeFit favours and trains all components of oboe playing towards an economical way of playing.

A great innovation!

Joseph Blank, Professor at the Anton Bruckner Private University Linz, AUT

OboFit is a great little tool that allows you to train and use the lip muscles in a much more efficient and healthy way.

Marin Tinev, BUL/GER/CAN,

I'm starting to use the OboFit in my practice sessions. It's really amazing and I like it very much!

William Parrish, principal oboe with the Roanoke Symphony Orchestra, USA

Hi, thanks so much for the OboFit. I got mine last week and it has transformed my practise sessions 🙏 

David Hedley, freelance oboist, GBR

The OboFit helps me to correct certain things and to tell you the truth I often had the high D above the range that cracked on a forte or in a soft legato. So I often adjusted the screw or correct the fingering and hope it would work. 

It was like that for 20 years !  Strange. 

Now everything is better! And with the standard fingering! 

I also think I play better on the air emission with a perhaps more "neutral" embouchure. Anyway, I feel I have progressed and maybe unlocked something. 

A very big thank you !!! 🙏 

Alain Vlamynck, FRA 

This link leads to the detailed OboFit report/review by Alain Vlamynck:

Nach meiner „Philosophie“ des Oboenspiels sollten die typischen Ansatzmuskeln so wenig wie möglich helfen.

Viele OboistInnen benutzen ja den Ansatz um die Intonation zu korrigieren. Das ist ja grundsätzlich kein Problem, allerdings führt das ja häufig dazu, dass der Ansatz schnell müde wird, bzw. der Spieler schnell „durchgebissen“ ist. (Natürlich stark abhängig vom jeweiligen Rohr) 

OboFit lässt eben dieses „Beißen“ oder „Abklemmen“ des Rohres nicht zu, sodass man „gezwungen“ wird komplett auf der Luft zu spielen.

Man merkt schnell, wie sehr auf einmal die Stützmuskulatur gefordert wird. Man spielt viel mehr mit Support der Stütze und kann sich deutlich besser auf die Luftführung konzentrieren. 

Ein interessanter Nebeneffekt ist auch, dass man viel besser die Qualität und Funktionalität des Rohres beurteilen kann. v. A. ob das Rohr in der Höhe hängt o.ä.

Noch einmal herzlichen Dank für dieses tolle Werkzeug, dass in meiner täglichen Routine schon jetzt eine wichtige Rolle spielt!

Michael Hertel, GER

OBO-FIT ermöglicht es einfach, aber effektiv zu lernen wo bzw. wie die Lippen gut um das Rohr schließen müssen, ohne dass zu viel Druck auf das Rohr ausgeübt wird.

Das Ergebnis bei mir ist eine deutlich bessere Klangqualität mit gleichzeitig trainierter Lippenmuskulatur. 

OBO-FIT ist für mich DIE Errungenschaft und aus meiner täglichen Übungseinheit nicht mehr wegzudenken!

Brigitte Knapp, Innsbruck, AUT


Das eigenartige Schnabel-Mund-Teil ist super! Es zwingt einen die Ansatzweise zu überdenken. Es entspannt die Lippen, hat aber schon nach kurzer Zeit Tribut gefordert. Ich habe irgendwie neue Muskeln entdeckt.

Alexandra Sprünken, Feldkirchen/Klagenfurt, AUT

Seitdem ich den OboFit-Trainer verwende, schaffe ich länger zu üben. Ich bleibe lockerer im Mundbereich und trainiere viel stärker meine Bauchmuskeln. Ich liebe ihn!

Anna Sofia Franceschini, 17 Jahre, ITA

Für mich ist der Obo-Fit-Trainer die Anti-Press-Lösung beim längeren Spielen. Durch die zwei Holzteilchen in den Mundwinkeln wird der Lippendruck automatisch verringert. Der Ton wird durch den OboFit-Trainer weicher und klangvoller und somit wird auch das Spielen vereinfacht.

Laura Pasolli, 16 Jahre, ITA

Die „Mundklammer“ hilft mir sehr. Der Ton wird runder und weicher und das schon nach einer Woche. Mir persönlich hilft der OboFit vor allem bei hohen Tönen, besonders während der Proben mit der Musikkapelle. Mit der Zeit gewöhnt man sich an die Mundklammer und sie wird auch angenehm.

Siglinde Pomarolli, 15 Jahre, ITA

Für mich liegt der Vorteil des OboFits darin, dass ich mich während des Spiels ohne Trainer leichter an das Gefühl des „weniger Drückens“ erinnere. Ansatzmäßig nützt der Trainer auch, aber für mich hat sich seit der Verwendung in erster Linie im Unterbewusstsein etwas Vorteilhaftes abgespeichert.

Michael Vieider, Bozen, ITA

Obofit è un accessorio veramente interessante e adatto agli oboisti di tutti i livelli.

Fornisce agli studenti un valido supporto allo studio: rinforza la muscolatura, aiuta a costruire un' imboccatura corretta e di conseguenza arricchisce il suono.

Per chi già ha una buona padronanza dello strumento.... un po' di sana palestra che non guasta mai! 

Ambra Cozzi, Bergamo, ITA


Ich verwende den OboFit-Trainer nun seit einigen Monaten. Bereits beim ersten Versuch habe ich bemerkt, dass meine Mundringmuskulatur anders bzw. mehr beansprucht wird als beim Spielen ohne den Trainer. Diese wirkt gestärkt, was bei mir bereits nach wenigen Wochen zu einer stabileren Tonqualität führte.

Eva Maria Astner, ITA

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