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Origin story


I  got the idea of an embouchure trainer from the well-known Canadian oboist Louise Pellerin, professor at the Zurich University of the Arts. During her studies with Heinz Holliger, she had already been looking for solutions for a better and more solid oboe embouchure and had inserted coffee stir sticks into the corners of her mouth as ring muscle reinforcers.


Since I was able to convince myself of the positive training effect of this exercise, but was not happy with two pieces of wood or plastic constantly shifting in my mouth, I looked for a solution that would be a clear improvement for me and, above all, make it easier to practice.


After almost two years of development with countless prototypes made from different materials and a large number of test persons, I was able to present a few different OboFit models at the end of 2021, which will be produced by a 3D company in Val Gardena.


By fixing the trainer to the staple/oboe, OboFit unintentionally and surprisingly also revealed itself as a playing angle optimizer. The use of OboFit is therefore also suitable to correct or prevent posture deficits at an early stage.

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