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OboFit ®

  • Is the OboFit-Trainer also suitable for American oboe playing?
    Absolutely, provided that conventional staples are used. The OboFit is adjustable in length and width, you can quickly and easily adapt it to the oboe reed length and the individual embouchure situation.
  • Is there also a suitable OboFit trainer for the baroque or Viennese oboe?
    Not at the moment, but various ideas and solutions regarding fixation are being considered.
  • Why does the OboFit original cost more than the OboFit student?
    The extremely thin and delicate OboFit ebony wings are milled with a high-precision CNC machine. The working process is delicate (vibrations) and elaborate due to the filigree ebony parts. Each individual ebony wing, just like the case, is sanded and finished by hand after the milling work has been completed. The glass-ball-reinforced polyamide of the OboFit fixing part also undergoes a subsequent surface treatment (smooth finishing).
  • My canines are in the way, what should I do?
    If the canines are particularly pronounced, it is advisable to tilt the OboFit wings slightly more inwards - i.e. towards the oboe reed - in order to avoid unpleasant pressure points.
  • Is it possible to overload the oral ring muscle with the OboFit and get sore muscles?
    Yes, this can happen, especially if you practice with the OboFit trainer for too long in the first 2 to 3 days. This can happen especially with the "OboFit original plus+" model, which is slightly thicker than the other two ObiFit models. Overexertion of the muscles, as is generally the case when doing sports, only becomes noticeable the following day. A slight sound deterioration may occur due to a temporary control loss of the embouchure.
  • What is the difference between the OboFit original and the OboFit student?
    The difference lies primarily in the choice of material (ebony vs. polyamide), the workmanship/finishing and the price, but not in the dimensions. The same results can be achieved with both versions.
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